G4shi – Dubai


G4shi drops his latest, Dubai. 

[HOOK x2]
I’m out in Dubai
Chilling with chicks who do buy
Foreign whips i do buy
Don’t know where death is Dubai
Told my clique we forever
Told my clique that we forever

Out in Dubai
Chilling with chicks who do buy
Yeah I’ve been a dick
I need a zipper cause I’m too fly
Put on her for something
Life never fair we jumping
Quit telling me stop cussin’
Last person caught a concussion
Never fronting
Go hard and tell ’em I’m coming
Far as real I’m keeping it like the last fly
Bitch I busta nothing
Me and my crew we hustling
What you know about struggling
On the road to success
They told me it was under construction
Yes I’m educated
Don’t mean you compress homes
Guarantee you get touched back
Like we up in the end zone
You ain’t getting pussy
You up in the friend zone
Stunnin on my high school teacher
Pull up in that Benzo

[HOOK x2]

I work hard never call off
Life’s a bitch take her clothes off
They say that the world suck
That’s why I can’t fall off
I can’t choke I’m too dope
Phone on airplane mode
I’m too fly new fur coat
I’m too cold throw my 4s
I love it, suck it
Ain’t a Beatle but they bugging
Feel like all my haters girls
The way they yelling fuck him
All black, pruck the swag
On point, don’t get gas
Coffee chick with the donkey ass
I’m a D five jack ass
Purple car flow make hits
For my people I bump this
Tryna be don rich
Jump on the hood like a don fish
For 30 G’s come see me
Lot of rappers real dweebs
All you act is talk dick cheese
But don’t own no house keys

[HOOK x2]