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How Can You Target Your Email Marketing Efforts to a More Affluent Audience?
If you ask the marketing gurus what is the easiest way to boost your ROI, some of them will probably tell you that you need to sell more of your most financially valuable products. While you may sell a few of these products to the average consumer every now and then, it is the big spenders who will be more likely to pay top dollar for your offerings. In order to appeal to them, you must find a way to effectively target more affluent audiences. Below is a quick three-step method you can use to your advantage.

1. Create a Segment For Big Spenders
The first step we will discuss involves separating the more financially stable individuals from the members of your audience in the lower tax brackets. This calls for you to perform a little segmentation. Since it is very likely that you only collected the information necessary to business email list communicate with your audience at sign-up, you may have to rely on other ways to create this segment. An email survey is the perfect tool for the job. When composed correctly, a survey can help you get a better idea of how much money your customers make, and how much they are willing to spend for their products and services. Once you have obtained enough data to create a segment for the big spenders, it is time to work on your targeting strategy.

2. Get Into Their Head
Selling to affluent audiences with success is much more than understanding their needs and desires. A lot of times, you must go deeper to find about the things that keep them up at night and what makes them tick. If your list contains a decent amount of B2B prospects, the answer to both could lie in the "competition." When this is the case, you can devise an effective targeting strategy by playing on their fears. Send them a message explaining what company X is doing to strengthen their position in the market and how your solution can enable them maintain a competitive edge. Creating a sense of fear could compel them to make the purchase that adds value to their efforts, and helps boost your bottom line.

3. Craft Your Marketing Content Accordingly
If you are serious about effectively targeting a more affluent audience, it would not hurt to give your marketing content some fine tuning. In fact, it is highly recommended. Getting this segment to shell out the big bucks may require you to optimize many different aspects, but mainly your email copy and approach. When creating your message, you must identify the problem the customer is facing and clearly explain how your product or service is the solution. More importantly, you must give them a reason to open that hefty wallet and spend their money with you over the competition.Affluent audiences are great for your stats and more importantly, your bottom line. Targeting them with success may require you to conduct an extensive amount of research, but the pay off is definitely worth the effort. By utilizing this simple three-step approach,